• About us

    • Are you insured?

      Jumpy Fun is insured. This is a good question to ask when shopping around for a bounce house company. This allows us to be one of the few bounce house companies allowed to setup in Cobb County Parks and Schools. When requested we quickly provide the certificate of liability insurance to secure the reservation.

    • Which cities do you deliver to?

      Jumpy Fun delivers within 30 minutes of our warehouse.  This includes Kennesaw, Woodstock, Canton, Marietta, Smyrna and Acworth.  Please click here to see our delivery map.  

    • Do you deliver to parks?

      Jumpy Fun delivers to parks.  Locate the outlet that is available for the bounce house within 100 feet.  Make sure it is working.  The county requires verification of our insurance policy.  

    • How long have you been in business?

      Jumpy Fun has been in business since 2002.  Over 20 years!  We have never changed our name or phone number.  Many Jumpy Fun parents now had Jumpy Fun bounce houses at their birthdays when they were kids. We are proud of our success in Cobb and Cherokee Counties.  

    • Are you hiring?

      Would you like to be a Jumpy Fun delivery person?  Please call anytime to discuss being a part of a terrific team!

    • Do you work with other companies in the party industry?

      Jumpy Fun often refers customers to other outstanding companies in our community.  However, we don't rent our equipment under another company's name.  

    • How long may I keep the equipment?

      The rental is for the day.  We need to be there at least an hour prior to the event.  We like to be pick them up before dark if you are finished with it.  

    • What fees are added to the rental?

      We do not charge additional fees.  If your event is in our delivery area to total cost is the price of the inflatable + sales tax. 

    • Do you have a business licence?

      Jumpy Fun has had a business licence every year since 2002.  

  • Rental process

    • Do I need to place a deposit?

      We don't normally charge a deposit.  

    • How far in advance should I reserve?

      Our equipment is first come first serve.  Book as early as possible online.  There is usually something available up until the Wednesday prior to your weekend.  

    • Do you deliver and set up the inflatables?

      All of our prices include delivery and setup.  We work out of a warehouse and do not offer customer pickup. 

    • What is your cancellation process?

      The delivery can be canceled anytime up until 2 hours prior to delivery for any reason without any trouble.